Welcome to my greeting card pages!! As this is a relatively new venture for me, I am only showing them on my website. I am not set up to sell them online yet, but hopefully soon. Until then, please have a look and if you are interested, pick out which ones, how many, send me an email and I will get you all set up. 

The cards range from recycled matte to glossy, so the image will vary from what you see here. 

Words in the cards are written in different font styles, so what you see in the text boxes is just plain text to show you what is written.

I can also do custom cards if you need, such as adding thank you, thanks, congrats or whatever you would like written on or in the cards. If there are cards with words that you would like just blank that is also an option. Just let me know and I will tell you the cost. 



2 - The Bee Horizontal (words outside)2 - The Bee Horizontal (words outside)"Take time to stop
and smell the flowers."